Penned by B. Balaji (1998)

There is light at the end of the tunnel,

Life inches past, like through a funnel

The pitch is never the same

Be it shame or rounds of fame


The journey begins, the wheels roll

Every scene as absorbing as it goes

The canvas is immaculate, yet specified

The picture emerges, the hues are bright


The story unfolds, with twists and turns

The relationship, emotions do churn

A meaning in sight, does seem right

Bright is life, albeit with fights


There is a purpose, small or huge

In compassion, we do take refuge

When things go easy, life is sleazy

But when pain strikes, is there a gain?


The creation goes on, breathing life

Passengers do meet, the talks are sweet

But as stations do appear, the transition is clear

These are but fleeting glimpses of life


Roses and thorns, smoke and fire

The forces of nature can go haywire

Episodes can change, there is no range

A guiding force, what is it’s name ?


Through mysteries and swirls, unfurl the pearls

The permutations and combinations

No one can master, try as they much

the heartbeat goes faster


Where lies the answer, the unachievable goal

Why does time change, taking it’s toll?

These experiences, some exhausting

Liberated are few, for some it’s new


So, have we reached our destination?

Or more places to explore

The journey needs energy and fuel

The wait may be cruel, anger to quell


Duels do propel, sometimes sore

But believe it or not, there

is plenty in store

To relish this journey, just let go


Everyday, let it unfold

Faith moves mountains

There is space for all,

but gaps could stall


But the sun has to rise

the darkness pays it’s price

The journey is cumbersome

Yet, can be awesome


If only the memories do try

Of pleasant moments, the touches of life

Savour these, that is the

Journey of Life …


The Journey of Life